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Maintain your home: what you can do to keep it stunning

Updated: Jan 15, 2021


We tend to think that adorning our home is the way to make it beautiful. And it is! But once we extrapolate on too many items we see and purchase, at times we realize they pile up and may not even match our home's style. When you feel overwhelmed in your own home, it is time to declutter! Start by looking at the big picture. How do you feel when you look at a certain room in your home? Does it feel spacious, cozy, welcoming? If not, let's get to it:

Eliminate a surplus of decorative items or furnishings. Store away the extras and donate what you no longer love. Many areas in a house need purging of plain old stuff that may be nice but just needs to go, or be transferred to another area, or stored for future use. Whichever give the room a chance to breathe and you will too.


Moving furniture around and/or accessories is a great way to open an area. At times, all you need to do is take something from one room and move it to another to give it an interesting visual. If you have lots of furniture in a same room, see if you really need all those pieces. Maybe, another room can use that extra side table. Magazines and books can go in a box or basket to give it a cleaner look. Nick-knacks can be stored. Not all shelves need to be full.


Repurposing is not only saving you money, but you are taking items of value, which you already own, and transforming or re-assigning them to other uses. You’re promoting sustainability and environmental standards, plus adding to the beauty of your house. One example of repurposing is the reuse of those teacups from grandma that are no longer being used. Simply get some potting soil, fill the cups to the right level and add succulent plants to them. You can beautify an over the sink area with a row of teacups.

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